The Oscars Slap

Kevin Spacey, white actor and producer. Oscar winner. More than fifteen accusations and nine legal allegations of harassment.

Charlie Sheen, white actor. Literally shot one woman and assaulted quite a few others.

Alec Baldwin, white actor. About to go to trial right now for shooting somebody on the set.

Brett Ratner, white director. Numerous charges of sexual harassment–including outing Ellen (now Elliot) Page as gay in front of other people.

Woody Allen, white director. Affair with his underage adopted daughter.

Robert Blake, white actor. Found liable for the death of his murdered wife Bonnie.

So, in case you’re keeping score at home, none of these white men ever received a ban from the Academy for any amount of time, let alone a decade.

But the Black guy, Will Smith–never arrested, squeaky clean his whole life, safe square Will Smith–is dangerous, out of control, and has destroyed his career because of one faux-pas.

This is the narrative. But you know what? I’m gonna bet on the Black this time.

You think you can spank one of the biggest stars in the world by pulling his projects and locking him out the Academy?

Nah, fam. Watch this. You’re about to see something you’ve never seen before.

Let me call the play: Tyler Perry will cast him in an independent film that will blow up.

Spike Lee and Denzel Washington will put him in good stuff. Shonda Rhimes will have him guest star on a show.

Jay-Z, Kanye, and Diddy will finance his projects, and they will do well.

Then, when this happens, when he’s still bankable, watch the other projects return, and watch the ban be shortened.

Because of his own people, he will bounce back from the attempted blackballing and “punishment for stepping out of line” and he will be an even bigger star.

And that will prove two things to everybody:

1) Black people no longer have to fall in line with whatever white folks want them to do, and;

2) Black Hollywood doesn’t have to kiss up to the Academy.

Don’t believe me. Just watch. “- Tamon Steven Pearson


#AllBlackEverything #SilverRightsMovement

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