With imagination and technology at my command, I’m taking back control of my life and breaking the binds that corrupt my identity. When I decided to invest in myself and become an entrepreneur, it’s as if someone finally turned on the lights. To those in corporate America with a 9-5 job, I say good luck. It’s all smiles and fawning with your life in someone else’s hands. I’m an author and an introvert, and I used to have a ‘job’ too. Now I’ve found peace and freedom in affiliate e-commerce networking that lets me do what I love, actually be useful and call my life my own. I have choices, and I see shimmering possibilities on the horizon. Most importantly — I can do whatever I want. My life’s journey is only just beginning, and I’m finally exploring my gifts, abilities and a passion for the future. Go out on your own, you’ll be surprised what you might find.