Valerie S. Wade

I am no one, and I am everything. A woman, a warrior, a worrier, if I had to describe myself.

What is your reason for making the choice that you do? I will tell you mine. I have had successful jobs after high school with continued success throughout the job industry in corporate America. All smiles until you’re let go from the job, with no fault of your own.

Allowing others to set your agenda in life gets you nowhere. I have decided to venture out to adapt to arranging my life to do what I want, and have chosen to invest in myself.

As an author with an eccentric imagination, life has taught me to accept my gifts and passion, which lie in writing, traveling, and helping others succeed.

My first book, ‘Don’t Make Me Choose Between: You and God is a fictional autobiography. For some, it might appear to be their own story being shared with a friend as it is highly relatable and relevant to today’s times.

Success is not guaranteed in love or life, but one I’m confident I can achieve.

My First Book

Don't Make Me Choose Between You and God

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